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29 July 2010 @ 02:07 pm
barcode interlude; a, kyle; R  
fandom: xxxHOLiC
story: barcode
summary: like anyone else who does not have a soul, you cannot stand anyone who has too much of one [doumeki, watanuki, violence, creepiness, weirdness]
notes/warnings: an interlude, the end of A. more real plot, though it doesn't seem like it now. will post part ten soon. Because it's actually more or less done. :D

part one
part two
part three
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part nine"

The official story is that an explosion in the lab released certain hormones into the air, and A, psyches still fragile after that disaster with the nanomachines in their eyes, lost it completely. The explosion let them escape, and they ran out, killing everyone in their path, until the army cuahgt up with them and put them down.

The real story is that when they started weaning them off the drugs, thinking they were obedient, Ichi was absolutely fucking insane and Ni was quiet and efficient but neither of them were obedient, not really. Ni was scared, maybe. He was certainly in pain—something was hurting them. Ichi hurt too, but he was too crazy to care.

Then Ichi broke out of the lab, blowing shit up on his way, and killing everyone in his path, leaving a trail of blood and carnage and shamelessness, just because he could, just because he wanted to. It wasn't long before Ni, startlingly capable, followed.

The reason he did is unknown, but the theories are as follows:

1) Ni was obsessed with Ichi. Or in love, but Kyle didn’t train them to believe in love, so it would have been obsession.

2) Ni knew exactly what Ichi was doing and was trying to stop him

3) Ni wanted to get in Ichi's way and be killed by him, because he was in vicious, horrible pain.

4) any combination or all of the above.

The army found them just as they found each other. They were standing on top of a condemned building, close enough to the ground that every word could be heard.

"Why did you do that?" Ni asked.

"I wanted to. I liked it," Ichi said, smiling. "Were you expecting any less?"

"I—" Ni began, and put his head down. "I wanted to—you left me."

Ichi smirked. "I told you why already. You don't matter, you're not important."

Ni lifted his head. "Then why haven't you killed me yet? You've gone out of your way to kill people who are of absolutely no importance." He narrowed his eyes. "I saw. I followed you. Everywhere you've been, I've been. You're lying, Ichi--Seishirou."

Ichi laughed. "I thought you had forgotten my name."

"I had," Ni said. "You've forgotten mine," and then: "This ends here. I hurt."

Ichi tipped his head. "Do you, now? Would you like me to end your pain? I can do it."

Ni kicked him, sharp roundhouse kick in the head, and then they fought, the building shaking under them, dust flying up in the air.

There was a cut-off gasp, whispered words, and when the dust settled they had stabbed each other with their fucking hands and died, slowly.

When Kyle and his elite guards arrived, they slaughtered the troops who had seen. Nothing about this could get out.


Kyle did not know why they were in pain. A was much older than B or C, had started a little later, had lasted a little longer. He didn't know if it was an effect of starting too late, or something he had tweaked. B had died without waking up screaming because their whole bodies felt on fire, the way A had. C had never had the problem, either.

He ran study after study on their bodies, and finally burnt them.